Was Obama A Good President Or Not?

There is an ongoing debate as to whether President Barack Obama has been a good president. There are so many people that are polarized as to whether he was right or not, but it seems that the positive aspects of his presidency are much more prevalent than the negative aspects of his time as our president. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons associated with Obama, and allow you to determine whether or not he was a good president.

Positive Aspects Of The Obama Presidency

There are many positive aspects of his presidency which are worth noting including the fact that people still like him. If you think back to the George W. Bush administration, the polls were very negative about his time as our president, which is in stark contrast to President Obama. He has provided us with national health care which is something that no other US president has been able to do. He has opened up the borders between Cuba and America for the first time since the Kennedys, which many people see as a positive. Finally, Osama bin Laden is dead as a result of his desire to go through with a mission that led to the demise of this terrorist. There are negative aspects that need to be considered, however, before you can make a positive or negative assessment.

Negative Aspects Of The Obama Presidency

The main negative aspects of the Obama presidency have to do with the economy. It is still fragile, causing people to remember when Franklin D Roosevelt was in office, a time of our Great Depression. Voters do not think that he is managing the country well, and Americans are angry about the explosive growth of the federal deficits and the national debt under his leadership.

Although there are positive and negative aspects of any presidency, these are the facts that pertain to President Obama. It would seem that the benefits would outweigh the positives, but it just depends upon the subjective opinion and assessment of those that will look at this information.

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The Secrets of the Top Corporate Leaders of All Time

Have you ever wondered what it is that sets the top corporate leaders of all time apart from the rest? The things that make them so successful, and that catapulted them to success, are the same regardless of the industry they work in. It’s interesting because most leaders will say that they are not special — they just work hard. Let’s dig in a little deeper.

Communication is one of the keys to being a successful corporate leader, and there’s little better evidence of this than Simon Sinek, who leads the Sinek Group – he is always asking “why” – why should your customers care about your product or service? Why are you running this business? What is it that inspires people to be loyal to your company above all others? That’s the sort of thing that companies like Apple have figured out. Steve Jobs was amazing at figuring out what customers wanted – and what the Apple brand should represent – and he made using their technology a lifestyle choice rather than a utilitarian one. That’s a true skill.

Building a good team is also important. Company morale is an invaluable commodity – something that many mid-sized businesses overlook. By getting rid of the time wasters and the complainers early on, and releasing poor performers as well, it becomes easy to build a team that will perform well. The enthusiastic, engaged and valuable employees will support each other and help to create a company that you can be proud of. Enteraining your team is important too. Lots of time you’ll want to consider bringing in corporate entertainment, such as someone like Seth Kramer, in order to boost team morale.

Walking meetings are something that a lot of the best leaders support; the idea here is that people are not allowed to sit around and make the meeting drag on forever – they are encouraged to get straight to the point, and to discuss things while moving around and getting some fresh air. It promotes productivity, and feels less stuffy than an ordinary meeting too.

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The Top Republican Leaders Of All Time

The Republican party has a rich history of great minds who have led it to greatness in the past. These names have resonated and created their own place in history and are used as inspiration for many. Which leaders would these be who are revered by everyone who talks about them?

If you want to discuss these leaders more, check out the brand new Republican movement. It is time for your voice to be heard: Nar USA

Ulysses S. Grant

He was known as being a true war hero who led the North towards its win in the civil war. He was robust and he was passionate.

He didn’t hold back about anything and that is what won people when he talked.

He was a man of true conviction.

Abraham Lincoln

Some say he is the greatest president of all time and that might be a fair thing.

He was a wonderful leader and turned America into what it is right now. He was passionate and he was revered. He had unique ideas which led to so many positive changes for the nation.

His greatest achievement might have been to abolish slavery as he finally sealed the deal. He made sure it went through for America and it has done wonders for it now to a point where Barack Obama (a black man) even became president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Among one of the most eloquent presidents the nation has seen, Theodore Roosevelt was a legend during his time. His best feature was his masculinity.

He was just a true Republican leaders He was able to guide the troops and keep everyone calm.

He also helped end wars because he wanted to get the nation to progress.

These were the top three leaders the party has seen and they set the standard for how the nation should be run and what being a leader should encompass. They have set what a person should be doing.

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The elephant in the room

Ever since I picked up this website, I always thought there was a bit of an elephant in the room. I appreciate the you-know-who, yes, and this is where I plan to discuss things that I care about.


However, it’s a little too Anne Frank esque most likely. I doubt that my friends are going to be able to not give me a bit of ribbing for that!

I feel like you can’t get good website names anymore, so I was happy to get this one.


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New Bill Maher

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